My Way with Clay

As a ceramicist I reflect on the beauty of my surroundings that is created through forces of nature. I am fascinated by mountains covered with snow, rock formations, bark of an old tree, or even cracks on the wall of a house. I approach ceramics as a form of spiritual practice by finding balance between control and letting go. It is always a challenge to make things look natural and effortless as it requires much practice and a peaceful mind.

I enjoy working with my hands and find satisfaction in the ability to create works that people want to pick up and touch. I believe that tactile relationship with the objects that surround us is particularly important in our age of scrolling and swiping.

I find that I am most influenced by the aesthetics of Japanese ceramics which emphasizes the beauty of accidents and in which the consciousness of the artist is not so visible. My goal is not to recreate works by Japanese masters, but rather to use their approach to capture the beauty of my own surroundings.


Yaro Zabavskiy was born in Moscow, Russia. He attended high school in Wales and went on to study Art in the USA, where he has discovered ceramics and analogue photography.

Currently, he lives in a beautiful mountainous country of Armenia and teaches Visual Arts at United World College in Dilijan.

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